Is Banggood Legit And Safe? Buying Safety Tips (2023)

Looking to buy something from Banggood due to its competitive pricing and suddenly wondered: “Is Banggood Legit And Safe to purchase products?” Keep Reading to find out.

Banggood was first established in 2006. It was initially a company that specialized in the research and development of computer software, and it quickly changed to become the global e-commerce company it is today.

This online store offers a variety of goods, including electronics, apparel, home and garden items, cosmetics, etc. The shop only emphasizes sourcing premium goods from suppliers in over 100 Chinese provinces.

Two words, one in Chinese and one in English, with the same meaning, were combined to create the company name. In English, “Bang” means “good,” thus Banggood would be good + good. Let’s see if it serves up to its name or not.

About Banggood

Banggood is an online marketplace that has offered customers a worldwide platform to buy high-quality Chinese products since 2006. Banggood has 37 warehouses across the world and guarantees super-quick shipments.

about banggood

The inherent unpredictability of purchasing from third-party sellers is eliminated because every carefully chosen product is shipped directly from a warehouse. Banggood claims over 66 million registered users and take great pride in providing excellent customer service.

According to the Brookings Institution, China maintains a manufacturing output of over 2 trillion dollars, 7.5% more than the United States. You’ve probably noticed that many of your standard household items, including apparel and appliances, bear the dreaded “Made in China” label. 

One of the reasons Banggood is so affordable is that it allows you to buy straight from China, effectively avoiding the worldwide supply chain. Banggood offers products from thousands of obscure but ostensibly reliable brands, all of which have received at least 4.7 stars in the reviews.

Banggood: Is It Real?

Undoubtedly, Banggood is a trustworthy online store where you can find reasonably priced goods. However, the suppliers may deliver low-quality, defective, or damaged goods.

For this reason, you must conduct sufficient research before placing an order. Banggood doesn’t market its own goods. The products on the market represent more than 100 different Chinese areas. All of the products are sourced through a network of suppliers and manufacturers.

is banggood safe

Banggood does not allow regular vendors to offer their own products. It is acceptable on the online stores DHgate and AliExpress. Banggood retains the cash from an order and ships the goods from the closest of its abroad warehouses.

Products are sourced from suppliers to the customers’ specifications and purchase orders. Bang is solely responsible for payments and product fulfillment. It is essentially a Chinese business established in 2006 and quickly established its value.

history of banggood

Is Banggood legit, or Is It a Scam?

is Banggood LEGIT

Banggood now has gained respectable 4.59 stars on 101,588 Sitejabber reviews. Even though the platform is legal everywhere, many users have complaints. The 2600 people who gave Banggood one-star reviews and said it was fraudulent included issues with sluggish shipping, poor customer support, inadequate inventory, never receiving items, and underpaid reimbursements.

Although the likelihood of being “scammed” is slim, you should check most reviews on the product(s) you intend to buy to verify their validity. Banggood itself is virus and malware-free. Still, being wary of pop-ups and other advertisements that could harm your computer is crucial. 

Banggood advises using PayPal Purchase Protection when it comes to your private information to avoid fraud. Although the site accepts Visa and Mastercard, using a credit card is not advised.

Tips for Safe Shopping on Banggood

Make sure to watch out for the following tips down below before ordering something from Banggood to ensure that you have a safe experience throughout.

Checking Reviews

To learn more about what to anticipate from a product, it is crucial to read user reviews and frequently asked questions. When choosing the item you want to buy, I advise only doing so if it has at least 500 reviews (the more reviews it has, the better), each with a minimum star rating of 4.8 out of 5.

checking reviews

Additionally, you should look at the product images other customers have posted in the reviews to get a sense of how the item actually appears.

You should study the frequently asked questions of other customers and read reviews to find answers to any questions you may have. You should ask a new question if you can’t find the one you already have.

Purchase using PayPal

If you have a PayPal account, use it to make a payment since Banggood accepts PayPal as a payment option.

The advantage of using PayPal is that it provides additional security for your financial information and 180-day buyer protection. You may initiate a dispute to start the refund if the item isn’t received or isn’t as stated.

Not Placing a Big Order Right Away

Regardless of how many excellent reviews the seller has, if you’re considering buying products in bulk, don’t place a huge order immediately.

You should always order one or two products to evaluate the quality. Once you are happy with the goods, you may place a larger order. Aside from that, I don’t advise purchasing pricey items from Banggood due to occasionally problematic returns and products (more on that later)

Checking Your Local Customs Regulations

Depending on where you live, you could be charged for importing goods. To know what to anticipate when the order comes in, be sure to speak with your local government.

Taxes are not typically applied to inexpensive things. However, they are frequently applied to some pricey items like tablets and smartphones. This is another justification for purchasing expensive goods from Banggood.

Read the Description Very Carefully

After reading the product description and the reviews, you can learn more about the item, its packaging, and other information. Products occasionally have deceptive descriptions or images, or you might not comprehend what you’re buying.

Pros and Cons of Banggood

You will encounter reviews for Banggood that are both favorable and unfavorable, like with any other business. You need therefore examine deeper than the star ratings. Below, we have listed some of the pros and cons of Banggood.

Pros of Bangood

  • High-quality.
  • It is reliable.
  • It has excellent purchase protection.
  • There Are Thousands of Options Available.
  • Outstanding Value.

Cons of Banggood

  • The Potential for Financial Loss
  • There Is No Assurance That the Selected Item Will Be Available.
  • Customer Support Is Inconsistent.
  • Returns May Be Pricey.
  • Erratic Shipping.

For more details on these points, check out my previous video: “Is Traveluro Legit

Return Policy for Banggood

Let’s first discuss their claims before I examine their return and refund. According to Banggood, things can be returned, refunded, or exchanged within 30 days of delivery as long as they meet the requirements listed below:

  • Items were sent in the wrong size or color.
  • If, upon delivery, the item is flawed, harmed, broken, or discolored.
  • The products need to be in pristine condition. It ought to be unclean, unworn, and unused.

Your purchases, however, are non-returnable if:

  • The 30-day warranty period is now over.
  • The item was worn, washed, used, or mishandled by you.
  • Due to hygienic concerns, the items come into the categories of underwear, swimwear, lingerie, and earrings.

This is their return policy; however, are they effective at refunding customers?

banggood return policy

Nope, Since Banggood doesn’t sell to you directly but instead sources products from other businesses, they will forward your complaint to the business from which they are sourcing the products. As a result of this entire procedure, customers may find it challenging to secure a refund.

They won’t fully cover the cost out of their own pocket, so you’ll typically just receive a partial refund or none at all.

Furthermore, if they grant your request for a refund, keep in mind that you are responsible for paying the return shipping costs since you typically must send products back to China at a cost that is frequently higher than the original purchase price.

In conclusion, you should heed the shopping advice I gave you before making a purchase and not generally expect complete returns or buy pricey things from Banggood.

Has Banggood Provided Satisfying Customer Service?

Banggood’s fundamental values center on superior customer service. On its website, it offers one-click contact and 24/7 support. What does that imply for you, though? Banggood’s customer care is hit or miss, according to the use of testimonials from reliable websites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Reddit. 

While some customers claim that customer service asks for too much information and is completely unhelpful, most customers report that customer care is responsive and problem resolution times are short.

banggood customer service

Many customers who experienced issues with their shipment, such as damaged or missing parts, said that Banggood customer care could address and remedy their problems within a day.

Avoid using the chatbot if you find yourself in a situation where you need to contact customer support. The chatbot is generally considered untrustworthy, so your best bet for getting the most out of Banggood customer support is to ask to be in touch with a real person.

Delivery Time on Banggood

The typical delivery time is between 10 and 60 days to the buyer’s address. However, it could change based on the destination and shipping method chosen.

According to the corporation, packages are delivered in a minimum of 2 days from domestic warehouses and a minimum of 8 days from Chinese warehouses. Through 17 Track, the shipments of Banggood can be followed.

fullfilment and logistics of banggood

Although Banggood Express is the marketplace’s default shipping option, you can change it for quick delivery by paying additional shipping costs. Each product page has an expected delivery date that you can use to update your shipping strategy.

Options for Payment On Banggood

You are going to get various payment methods available through Banggood when ordering something. Depending on the buyer’s place of residence, more than 40 domestic and foreign payment options are available.

payment methods on banggood

In several countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, it also provides cash on delivery, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

How Do I Cancel a Banggood Order?

You can indeed cancel orders by getting in touch with customer care. However, you can only cancel an order if the package still needs to be processed. You will need to wait until you receive the package and begin a return if you decide to cancel your order while the box is en route.

Does Banggood Offer Coupons or Discounts?

Banggood frequently runs deals that result in even more considerable savings. You may browse flash sales, and last year, Banggood hosted a 15th-anniversary sale in which you could participate. Banggood also offered a gamified approach to earning free things.

Is it better than Aliexpress?

Here is a video explaining the comparison between Ali express and Banggood:


Banggood is a reputable online marketplace that provides a huge selection of goods at extremely low costs. However, not all of the items they offer are as advertised, and most attempts to receive a refund are futile. So be cautious and check reviews before making a purchase.

Make sure to check the product’s reviews, read the product description thoroughly,

avoid placing a large order or purchasing pricey items, especially at first, and always use PayPal if you have an account or choose cash on delivery if you reside in a country that supports it.

Your odds of having problems with Banggood are pretty low if you follow these principles. In addition, you should set reasonable expectations for delivery. Depending on the shipping method and your location, Banggood typically delivers your purchases in 10 to 60 days.


Are Reviews of Banggood Fake?

No, they are not. The reviews listed on Banggood are real and were actually purchased by the reviewers.

Is Banggood a China native?

Although Bang good’s main offices are in Guangzhou, China, the company also runs warehouses there as well as in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Is Banggood Trustworthy?

As long as you are aware of the warning flags to look for before buying something, Banggood is a trustworthy internet retailer.

Does Banggood Offer Fake Items?

Banggood doesn’t sell phony goods, but occasionally you might get a product that is broken, malfunctioning, or otherwise different from what was advertised, especially if you buy something without doing your research first.

Where in the world is Banggood?

Hong Kong and Nicosia are where you can find Banggood. To cover most of the globe, they maintain a network of 37 warehouses across Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.

When Did Banggood Get Started?

When Banggood was first established in 2006, it focused on the research and development of computer software. Later, it moved its operations to a global e-commerce platform.

Who Is Banggood’s Founder?

The online marketplace Banggood was founded by Aaron Chen.

Is Dropshipping Supported by Banggood?

Yes, Banggood allows dropshipping; in fact, you can enroll in their dropshipping program

Why Is Everything So Cheap?

China offers lower labor costs. Furthermore, China has a very effective supply chain that has undergone extensive scrutiny and has little to no laws governing the treatment of laborers and the environment. If they worry you, consider the ethical implications of buying Chinese products.
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