Michael Cooke Kendrick Biography – Net Worth, Family & More

Michael Cooke Kendrick is a famous Actor, and media personality, and is also popularly known as the brother of Anna Kendrick.

We all love Hollywood. Back in the day, we believed in fairy tales, right? Well, it doesn’t matter what kind of fairy tales we liked back then.

The point is, that it was an age when we first got introduced to the magic of storytelling. A world is full of dreams and creatures where everything is possible.

But as we grew up, this magical world shifted itself from books to the theatre. At least I still remember watching my first ever movie back in the cinema.

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To my luck, it was a Bond movie. The movie lasted for around 2 hours but left an impact on me as a kid for my whole. Can’t forget to mention considered myself James Bond for a very long time after the movie.

Michael Cooke Kendrick Details



Date of Birth











Michael Cooke Kendrick


March 2, 1983

1.75 m

154.32 lbs / 70 KG




William Kendrick and Janice

Liza Kendrick



Anna Kendrick

Now, let us talk about the Hollywood of today. Movies like the Pitch Perfect series, A Simple Flavour, Trolls, and Into the Woods still remind us to become the main character of our lives, just like Anna Kendrick successfully did in these movies.

Well, we all already know about Anna Kendrick. Amazingly talented and lively actress. But I bet most of us don’t know about his cool older brother, who fortunately is also an actor.

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Come on, let’s take a detailed look at Michael Cooke Kendrick’s Bio,

Michael Cooke Kendrick Bio

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In Hollywood, the success of an actor/actress is not confined to what he/she has earned so far or how many blockbusters he/she has bagged so far.

As long as you have played roles that can impact the audience on a very human level, you are successful, just like Michael Cooke Kendrick.

Some of the critics consider him as a shadow actor, working under the name and influence of his sister, Anna Kendrick. But there’s no way these critiques can get any wrong than this.

Michael Cooke Kendrick sister: Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick, Photo Source: IMDb

Talking about a glimpse of his successful movie roles, Michael Cooke Kendrick has worked in movies and shows like ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories, ‘Celebrity Close Calls’, and ‘Looking for an Echo’.

Although, Michael wasn’t able to bag much credit and appreciation for his amazing performances. But the man is quite happy with all the love and appreciation he got from the general public for these roles.

Today, according to Michael Cooke himself, he is working on some amazing new international projects. He is also determined to make an appearance back on screen with a solid bang this time.

The Life Journey of Michael Cooke Kendrick

In the beautiful city of Portland, Maine, USA. Michael Cooke Kendrick was born on March 2. 1983. Yes, this makes him a 38-year-old handsome guy who’s living his life to the fullest. We all can already witness it from Instagram and Facebook handles.

Michael’s Childhood Photos

According to our resources, his and Anna Kendricks’s parents were William and Janice Kendrick.

The Kendricks are a beautiful couple indeed. By profession, Will was a teacher and his beautiful wife was an Accountant back in the day when Michael was born.

With the zodiac sign of Pisces, Michael Cooke Kendrick completed his initial education at Deering High School, Portland, Maine, USA. As the school records show, the man was also a rising star back in his school years.

After clearing the school with some remarkable distinctions, he was pretty clear about what he wanted to do in his life next.

The man decided to follow his passion for acting after high school. This led him to become part of some amazing TV series and films. But his acting career wasn’t that long which is quite a sad fact.

His personal life

How can you tell about someone’s personal life that he wants to share with the world? Simple, social media.

And to our good luck, he was quite active and vocal on both of his Instagram and Facebook handles. This allows us to take a closer look at his life from time to time.

We have analyzed the professionals of some of the greatest Hollywood stars ever. But one thing is different about Michael Cooke Kendrick. He likes to keep his life simple and general.

No fancy parties, dinners, clothes, or stuff like that. Just a man who loves to enjoy his everyday life through time yet super precious life moments.

About Michael Cooke Kendrick’s family, we only know that he is married to Liza Kendrick. Thanks to his Instagram handle where he shared pictures of his beautiful wife one day.

But so far, we have no idea about their kids as the couple is quite strict regarding hiding their presence from the paparazzi.

Even though he enjoyed a small career as an acting star, the man has faced no controversies to this date. He was quite a private person living the best days with his beautiful family.

Career: A detailed note

Hollywood is not a place for everyone. Especially a guy like Michael Cooke Kendrick who likes to celebrate life in privacy with his family. Even though the man was a gifted actor, he preferred to reduce his acting career to enjoy time with his family.

Soon after finishing high school, Michael Cooke Kendrick was instantly cast for an impactful role in the movie, ‘Looking for an Echo’. The performance and impact of the actor were enough to move the audience.

To be honest, most of his fans still miss him and wish they could enjoy his performance once again. But, after getting roles in popular series like ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’ and ‘Celebrity Close Calls’, he decided to say goodbye to the industry.

No one knows the exact reason behind this but we can guess that he wanted t to enjoy his life with his family away from the hunting lenses of the paparazzi.

Now, you can understand why Michael Cooke Kendrick isn’t just a great actor but a great man as well.

And here’s the most amazing part, the guy has a lovely and fun relationship with his younger sister Anna Kendrick as well. We can tell all of this from their funny yet full-of siblings’ love pictures on their social media handles.

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Michael Cooke Kendrick: Net Worth!

Most of the readers now might be guessing about the overall net worth of Michael Cooke Kendrick at the moment. Well, there’s a great chance that most of his fans are also worried about his financials.

Just because his career as an actor was short and we know nothing about his new work. But guys, relax. All of your concern is appreciated but Michael Cooke Kendrick is rocking his dreams.

According to verified statistics, the overall net worth of Michael Cooke Kendrick falls under the range of 1-5 million USD. Yes, he’s an official millionaire.

Well, that’s a relief for some of his fans who believe acting was the only thing keeping his financials stable.

A beautiful family, a handsome bank account, an impactful acting career, and most importantly, a calm and happy state of mind.

Michael Cooke Kendrick has indeed achieved so much in so little time that most of us try and are still trying to achieve in so many years.

Michael Cooke Kendrick Famous Movies
Michael Cooke Kendrick is known for Looking for an Echo (2000), Celebrity Ghost Stories (2008) and Celebrity Close Calls (2010).

Can’t forget to mention his full of fun and respectful sibling duo relationship with his younger sister, Anna Kendrick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Kendrick Michael?

He is 38 years old right now.

Does Anna Kendrick have a brother?

Yes, Michael Cooke Kendrick is the brother of Anna Kendrick

Who is Michael Cooke Kendrick’s father?

William Kendrick is the father of Michael Cooke Kendrick and Anna Kendrick
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