Facebook is changing its name to Meta but what about the issues?

A blue infinity-shaped symbol now adorns Facebook’s iconic thumbs-up sign at its Menlo Park headquarters in California. In addition to rebranding itself as “Meta,” Facebook also announced that it was opening up its augmented reality platform for many other possibilities in the virtual world.

One definitely can never forget the blunders that Facebook made in the past. This platform has been accused of many things and it is even guilty of some.

This time around, it might not just be your privacy at risk. It could also be your physical safety or even life itself if you’re in a virtual world where people can do real harm to each other from behind their screens.

And when something goes wrong with one of these worlds, there won’t be any way to undo what has been done or track down who did it. Because everything will exist only in code on someone else’s server somewhere out there in cyberspace, beyond our reach, and outside our control. So before we rush headlong into this brave new world, let’s make sure we know what we’re getting ourselves into first.

Facebook is however hopeful that it is creating a new world with a lot of possibilities.

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