Magically Erase The Background You Don’t Want With The New Pixel 6 Series

When you take a photo, sometimes there are things in the background that pull focus from your main subject.

The new Pixel 6 series has a cool new tool called Magic Eraser that detects distractions and lets you remove them with a tap. It’s available in both old photos and brand-new ones taken by the camera.

With the help of a magic eraser, you can easily remove unwanted items or people from your photos, but you have to manually select each item one at a time.

Pixel 6 phones come equipped with the Magic Eraser feature which lets users effortlessly edit their pictures without needing any prior photo editing experience.

When taking a picture of someone who is looking away from the camera, for example, it automatically detects and makes suggestions on what could be erased out of the shot so only the subject remains in focus.

Users can also adjust how much they want to blur any background distractions before applying them to their photos. The technology behind this feature was developed using a machine.

Pixel series has been the best-selling smartphone of Google for years. The new models are expected to bring more advanced AI features and camera improvements.

This year’s model will feature an upgraded camera with Real Tone and Motion mode as well as some other exciting features like Tensor chip and Android 12 OS update. It looks like Google is really pushing its brand into high-tech territory with these innovations.

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