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What do you think when you hear the statement “Monkey Holding Box?” The first thought that comes to mind of a normal human being is a monkey having a box in his hand, either sitting or standing or doing some other action while holding it. 

But Google, the largest search engine in the world, shows some controversial results. Try to Google this statement, “Monkey Holding Box”, and it will show you a black boy holding a cardboard box.

monkey holding a box
monkey holding a box

Recently the picture of a boy holding a box has become very popular because of the search engine response video on the search query for a monkey holding a box.

However, people have many different varying opinions in this regard. Some people think it is funny, others consider it a sad joke, and the rest considers it to be a Google error. 

Who is Responsible? Google or Other Search Engines

For the people who think it is a Google error, it is not! A human being uploaded this picture on the internet and tagged it with the title Monkey Holding Box. Google being only a search bot, understands only the tags and categorized the human boy picture under the monkey holding box category. In short, not using common sense, which it does not have in the first place.

The human being who uploaded the picture with the title “Monkey Holding Box” might have thought it to be funny content, or maybe he uploaded it to make fun of the small black boy, but the hype of this picture was all due to his entitlement.

monkey holding box Google search result
monkey holding box google search result

Monkey Holding Box video got so much hype around the world that not only Google ranked it on the first page, but other search bots such as Bing and Yahoo also followed the trend. These search bots are used by billions of users, and they trust them blindly. However, this mistake by the search engines clearly shows that the trust of people is jeopardized.

Need of the Hour To Stop Racism – Monkey Carrying A Box

Search engines are the need of the hour today. So, it is important to have search engines that are safe and provides authentic content to the users. But, there is so much competition between each search engine to gain users that the sole purpose to understand user requirements and authentically respond to them is affected.

It is the usual behavior of search engines to display incorrect information at times to its users. It is because their algorithms are not perfect. Because of it, we should be very careful about the information we get from search engines and should always verify it. 

The Relevance

The search query of the Monkey Holding a box does not have any relevance with the boy holding a box, other than that both parties are holding a box. In this situation,  Google, on its end, should differentiate between a human being and an animal. It should not always rely on the tags and titles people give, as they can be incorrect.

Final Words

The video and the picture of the innocent boy holding a box are still at the top of the results of search engines whenever you search for a monkey holding a box. Whatever the reason is that it is on top, is not ok. Human beings should learn to respect other human beings and stop comparing them with animals or other species because of their race or color. 

The innocent boy holding a box in the picture had nothing to do with people’s searches, but now he is on the top as people like criticizing others. 

Moreover, we should always keep in mind that search engine results are not always authentic, they do make blunders like the one we discussed in this article. So, verifying the search results and looking for the right sources is always recommended.

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