Microsoft Has Good News In Store For Community College Students

Are you looking for a new job? Microsoft is partnering with community colleges to help fill the cybersecurity workforce gap.

Microsoft is committed to hiring and training 250,000 people over the next four years in an effort to address this growing industry need. That means it will be working closely with community colleges across the country so it can provide students with skills that are in high demand by employers.

Microsoft has announced a major new partnership to help community colleges nationwide provide cybersecurity training and scholarships for students.

They plan on providing 150 faculty members at those institutions with the necessary knowledge, as well as supplying them with Microsoft software so they can teach these courses using cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality.

In total there will be 25000 low-income people who are able to benefit from this program including funding that goes into certifications tests or childcare plans because education should never come at too high a cost.

Ruthe Farmer, a CEO for Last Mile Education Fund who helps low-income students through emergency funding in their education.

Microsoft is providing 10 thousand scholarships to those with the neediest backgrounds and trying circumstances.

This move has been hailed all over the world.