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David precisely described as a Literature Junkie, Marketing Specialist, and Content Producer. Writing quality content is his passion, which makes perfect sense. Additionally, He loves to listen to music every time no matter if He's working or traveling.

hollywood studios

Hollywood Studio MGM Is purchased By Amazon for $8.45bn

Exemplary movies like Some Like It Hot and Singin’ in the Rain are created by one of the popular studios MGM. The deal will give the tech goliath’s Prime...

7 functions of marketing

The 7 Functions Of Marketing – A Market Guide

Apparently, the purpose of marketing is to promote the product or service of a company to help the business manifold its sales. However, the horizon of the functions of...

rights and responsibilities of employers and employees

Rights And Responsibilities Of Employers And Employees

Employee and employer rights and responsibilities are linked with one another. Employers set the tone by clearly communicating job requirements, business policies, and...

economic environment

Economic Environment: Definition, Examples, and Factors Involved

All economic factors that influence commercial and consumer behavior are referred to as the Economic Environment. Both external influences in the immediate marketplace...