Google will let minors request to have their pictures removed from image search

Google announced a couple of protections for people beneath 18, on Tuesday company discloses the handful of policy changes that aimed toward defending individuals under 18 and including YouTube videos upload private. By default.

The internet is hardly a safer place for minors, but Google stated that it aims to help make things a bit safer for kids. It allows children or their legal parents to request to have that their images removed from Google search. The company also stated that it can block the targeted advertising base on different demographics like age, gender, and interest of people under 18

If we look historically, Google had a different approach than they have now. When it comes to search engines, the search giant does not interfere with such things in the past.

YouTube also decided to change default video upload settings for minors. The company said that their platform can turn off autopay by default for people under 18, and in the case when they are streaming videos for a long time, it will turn on the digital well-being tool that stops them.

Silicon Valley companies have been in media headlines for their child safety policies. Apple also announced the scanning iPhones for child abuse imagery because of this move some privacy advocates are more worried and concerned about the potential for surveillance and exploitation. Google still didn’t respond to the question, asking whether Apple has similar plans for its Android mobile operating system.

The company does not let children under 13 make standard accounts but it provides them with a product for kid’s name YouTube kids. Google said that the safe search feature will automatically turn on and filters out search results.