4 Types of Degrees for Working Adults

Going to school and working full-time is tough. With these four degree tips, you can get the education you want while keeping the job you have.

It’s hard to go back to school. You might have heard your teachers say it when you were in high school or college and never thought about the statement twice. However, once you’re a working adult and ready to back to college, you realize how true it is. 

Types of Degrees for Working Adults
Types of Degrees for Working Adults

Juggling your job, family, personal responsibilities and a college curriculum is a lot for one person – no matter how good you manage your time. Plus, many adults returning to college typically need their degrees to advance at work. So they need something easy to manage and quick to complete. 

The following are a few degree types and fields that you can consider if you’re thinking about going back to school and keeping your job.

1. Online Degrees

Online degrees are one of the best forms of education for working adults. They offer a high level of flexibility, academic autonomy, and oftentimes even a lower cost of attendance. This makes them a great option for people who need to present at their nine-to-five job.

You can work on your online degree on your own time, including at night and on weekends. As long as you turn in assignments on time, there are no time requirements such as class meetings or lectures to attend. 

2. Continuing Education

Many colleges and universities offer continuing education courses for working professionals. These courses often help you achieve professional certification or proof of certain skills. It’s a good option for people who prefer attending class in person and don’t mind going to campus one night a week.

Keep in mind, that these courses are not quite the same as earning a degree. They show a particular competency or help certify you through a professional organization, but it is not an advanced degree such as a master’s. 

3. MBA

A master’s in business administration is a popular advanced degree for working adults. People who pursue this degree already have a bachelor’s degree but are looking for ways to advance themselves at work or on the job market. 

An MBA is a good choice because it shows you have advanced knowledge about business operations and contribute positive insight to a company. Plus, you can concentrate on a number of different areas such as marketing, entrepreneurship, or human resources, to name a few.

4. Certificate Programs

The last type of education best suited to professionals is graduate certificate programs. This is similar to earning a graduate degree, but the coursework is often accelerated and highly concentrated to help you earn your certificate faster than a true degree. Plus, these certificates often cost less than attending a university for a master’s degree.

Universities offer certificates in a variety of academic fields, so you can search for a certificate that matches the industry you work in. You want to choose something that will help hone your professional skills and make it easier to advance your career.

Going to school and working full-time is tough. With these four degree tips, you can get the education you want while keeping the job you have.

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