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A women giving Outward RDC box by royal mail delivery
A royal mail delivery box | Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance

Did you know that Royal Mail is a dependable and trustworthy postal service in the United Kingdom and throughout the world? Royal Mail delivered around 1.2 billion shipments and 14.4 billion items between 2017 and 2018. To guarantee that your mail is delivered correctly, Royal Mail follows a specific method.

When you mail a package with Royal Mail, you’ll be given a URL to track it. You’ll observe that your order alters from time to time under various tag names if you use their mail tracking system. We’ll go through some of these phrases in this post so you can keep track of your package.

What is Outward RDC meaning, and how does it work?

You saw this word on your mail monitoring dashboard and didn’t know what it meant. The acronym RDC stands for Regional Distribution Centre. A Regional Distribution Centre is a big warehouse that houses daily parcel delivery for one or more firms. Your mail will be received at an RDC before being dispatched out of the UK when mailing a parcel out of the country.

What is Volumetric Acceptance – Outward RDC?

Your postal status will convert to Outward Regional Distribution Volumetric Acceptance after your shipment has been received by a Regional Distribution Center. This just indicates that your package has been collected and will be shipped from the warehouse to the specified location.

What is RDC Handheld Acceptance from the Outside?

Your cargo is kept for a period of time after it has been stamped “Accepted” at the warehouse before being despatched to the postal destination. The package is still in the system and will be distributed soon. For example, if you purchase a printer from Amazon, it will be sent to Royal Mail for distribution once Amazon processes it. As a result, the parcel receives “handheld Acceptance.”

What Does RDC Royal Mail Stand For?

Before letters and packages can be dispersed, they must first be collected and transported to a warehouse, where they will be redistributed to numerous locations. An Outward RDC (Regional Distribution Centre) is a distribution center in the United Kingdom. An Outward RDC might be made up of one or two firms.

A White man placing RDC Royal Mail box on the table
RDC Royal Mail

An RDC is where daily mailing takes place.

Royal Mail’s Tracking System?

Royal Mail assigns you a mail number that you enter into their tracking system to trace your mail. When your mail is checked, the information is updated in the tracking system, keeping you informed about the status of your mail. It’s important to remember that the quantity of scanning required varies depending on the service. The words listed below are some of the most commonly used in the tracking system.

  • Item has been delivered

You notify Royal Letter that you have dispatched your mail once you have posted it. This allows them to keep their mail tracking information up to date.

a man taking delivery of RDC royal mail
delivery of RDC royal mail

Item has been received

This essentially signifies that your package has been received and is now being processed by Royal Mail. If you choose south west rdc delivery confirmation only, you will only be notified when the item has been delivered, depending on the service you select.

  • Royal Mail Customer Service received this item.

Your item was sent to Customer Service with the following information: location, date, and time. The information is then updated for tracking on the Royal Mail system.

  • Technical Issues on the Inside

This indicates that the Royal Mail has encountered technical system difficulties that have disrupted normal postal operations.

  • While in transit

Your item will be booked for delivery once it has been received. It was then labeled “In Transit” while it made its way through the system on its way to being delivered. The status and position information will be updated, and you will be able to monitor it using your reference number.

  • Pending

Your item may be categorized as pending for a variety of reasons, including:

The price to pay – this occurs when the sender fails to pay the postal expenses or when the item is subjected to a customs duty.

Redirection – By purchasing a redirection service, the receiver can modify the delivery address. This adds a day or two to the delivery time.

Keepsafe Item – by purchasing a Keepsafe service, the recipient can request that the item be held at the delivery office for a longer period of time.

Delivery Attempt – Royal Mail may have difficulties gaining access to your address. They are unable to gain access to the mailing address.

The item might then be attempted to be delivered the next day.

  • Delivery-Ready

Unless you select the Keepsafe service, your item will be shipped as soon as feasible once it has been designated ready for delivery. On the tracking system, your delivery status will be updated under your track number.

  • Delivered to a Secure Location

You may not be available to receive your goods due to unforeseen circumstances, therefore you choose to have them delivered to a secure location. Your property status will be updated after it has been transported to the safe location.

A delivery box in front of a house door
Delivery at your door step
  • Item for Retention

A Retention Service is a service that covers days when a business is closed. The item will be delivered only when they are open, not on these days.

  • Collected

Once the receiver has picked up their goods following delivery, this is updated.

Other Royal Mail Terminologies

POL- This is a simple term for a Post Office.

Volumetric Acceptance of Inward RDC- This indicates that the item has been entered into the system and is in the middle of the process.

Office of Exchange- Every nation has a post office where items are received before being delivered to another country.

Unknown Bag Received-Missing-DUN- When the label on your mailbag slips off, this error occurs.

In conclusion

Sending a shipment or letter by outward RDC Royal Mail is simple and convenient since you can follow the order’s progress using their tracking system. The mail will have to pass via a Regional Distribution Centre where the mailing procedure will commence, from dispatch through parcel pickup. You may follow your order from the time it is placed until it is picked up using the tracking system.

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