How Can I Earn Money While Learning To Be A Driving Instructor?

Mastering a new skill is not only difficult but also expensive. However, qualifying to become a driving teacher may be quite gratifying, leaving you with a fulfilling profession and a steady source of money.

Earn Money While Learning To Be A Driving Instructor
Earn Money While Learning To Be A Driving Instructor

Of course, if you want to become a certified driving teacher, you’ll have to invest a little time, energy, and cash. You’ll also have to pay to complete three Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) tests and qualify as an ADI with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, in addition to the cost of instruction (DVSA).

Don’t be put off by this! Although becoming a driving teacher is an expensive procedure, once you’ve qualified and built a solid reputation, you’ll be well on your way to a rewarding job teaching a crucial life skill. In reality, you can make money while studying to become a driving teacher.

How much does training cost?

The cost of your instruction may vary depending on the driving school or trainer, but it will often range from £1000 to £2000. You can get an education from qualified trainers if you train at a franchise. It not only improves your chances of passing the theoretical exam, but it also improves your possibility of getting work when you pass, since you may be given a job at the driving school.

Working for a franchise also gives you access to the establishment’s student database, guaranteeing that you’ll have students to educate as immediately as you’ve completed your training.

On the job training and earning

You’ll have to pay to participate in a driving teacher training course, but some franchisees will allow you to work while you study. You could get paid weekly at a franchise driving school.

You can apply for a Trainee PDI License if you’ve passed Parts 1 and 2 of the tests and finished your third session of training. This means you might obtain experience teaching students and earn money while studying for your Part 3 examinations.

Make studying a part of your daily routine.

The duration of time it takes you to be a certified driving teacher is determined by the course’s severity and the amount of time you have to devote to the training. If you’re presently working, you might be able to accommodate your training around your schedule by studying in the evenings or completing a weekend training session. This will allow you to continue earning money as you prepare to embark on your new job as a driving teacher.

In the short term, qualifying to become a driving teacher may be pricey, but if you earn while you study and manage your time well, you’ll soon be on the road, educating your own students. Becoming a driving teacher might improve your working life by allowing you to be your own boss and engage in a people-oriented, friendly, and satisfying vocation.

Advantages of Being a Driving Instructor

  • Being your own boss

That’s one we’ve all heard. It’s fantastic to be your own boss. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to being your own boss, but if you’ve ever worked in a position where your employer is consistently hounding you and pressing down your neck, it’s a pleasant idea.

You may have also discovered that an employer’s standards and ethics make no sense or are just incorrect. Being your own employer gives you the freedom to apply your own set of rules and ethics as you see fit.

  • Work the hours that suit you.

To some extent, this is true, yet you may discover that you require to work the hours that your students want. Naturally, the more adaptable you are with working hours, hence the more work you will receive. If you keep tightly to the hours you are only ready to give, such as 9 to 5 on weekdays exclusively, you may discover that you lose potential clients who are looking for driving lessons and have a full-time jobs.

Nevertheless, if you become a good driving teacher and have a steady stream of business coming in, you can very much work the hours you want and turn down those who cannot meet your schedule. You may also discover that if you have a strong record, people will be more willing to rearrange their schedules to accommodate yours since they believe having a trustworthy instructor is worthwhile.

  • Take as much vacation and time off as you want

You may, of course, take as much time off and vacation as you like if you have the financial means to do so. Of course, as a self-employed person, you will not be compensated for any time off spent, but you do have the option to do so. However, you must be careful not to irritate your students who want to have regular driving lessons by taking a lot of time off.

  • Working part-time or full-time

You may already have part-time work and want to teach students part-time in addition to your regular employment. Alternatively, you may be a full-time driving teacher who wants to add variety to their work schedule by adding a second job and doing both part-time. The benefits of becoming a driving teacher include the ability to adjust and alter your working hours to match most situations.

  • Getting out of the house

If you don’t enjoy being cooped up in an office all day, a job as a driving teacher is not for you. You’ll be out and about, seeing new sights and exploring new locales.

  • Making new friends

Of course, as you teach individuals to drive, you will encounter a lot of people. You could also meet some new people. Although learning to drive is a sensitive matter, it is always advisable to keep driving classes light and funny in order to minimize the tension and nervousness of the students. You will discover that the folks you are teaching will make you laugh a lot.

  • Contentment with oneself

You’ll be self-employed, but you have the option of going it alone and opening your own driving school. Over time, you should see your driving school grow in popularity and eventually self-generate employment through word of mouth and suggestions from prior students. It’s also satisfying to watch your students pass their driving tests, knowing that you’ve done a good job and improved someone’s life.

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