Einthusan: 19 Alternatives For Einthusan To Watch Free Movies in 2023

Has Einthusan Stopped working for you? Are you looking for sites like Einthusan? Congratulations! You are at the right place.


What is Einthusan?

Einthusan is an online service that provides access to thousands of films and television programs from India’s local languages, including Hindi.

Einthusan seeks to make all of these films available for anyone and give them away to enjoy both the popular films and more under-the-radar offerings from India.

Some of the films feel fresh and new because they haven’t been available digitally before; some are hard to watch elsewhere because of copyright restrictions with different streaming services.

Einthusan TV provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for finding whatever kind of entertainment you are in the mood for when you are looking to break away from your everyday life and dive into an alternate universe via your living room screen.

You don’t need to waste keystrokes with Einthusan Tv’s powerful search function that will pinpoint what you want with a simple name search on pretty much every movie released these days, be it blockbuster Hollywood films or indie art house hits.

It won’t take long to see why daydreamers are flocking here in droves when you have found something.

Einthusan’s Latest 100% Working Alternative Links

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Zee5Open Link #2
SonyLivOpen Link #3
MX PlayerOpen Link #4
Latest Working links to sites like Einthusan
Use Einthusan Without Buffering
A good internet connection is must to watch your favourite movies seamlessly on Einthusan

What does Einthusan offer?

Einthusan viewers can stream or download a film for free.
There are no subscription charges or rental costs for the movie, making access very affordable.
Various Hollywood and Bollywood films are present in HD quality, and we stream them in all popular Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Marathi, Malayalam, and Kannada.
There is no requirement of registration to watch an Einthusan movie online; merely stated by accessing the Einthusan website.
Users will have access to a massive library of films that they can view freely at their choosing.
Einthusan offers a unique type of live streaming service not available anywhere else.
While it has become increasingly common to watch movies on demand via the Internet, Einthusan users can still watch fresh releases at no cost for the first few weeks or release in some cases.

What do you know about the Einthusan App?

If you desire to watch Movies on Einthusan via your smartphone, you must know the website does not currently have an app available.

You can download the original app by searching for “Einthusan” on the Google Play Store; however, a mirror version will appear due to a copyright dispute with Einthusan’s service provider.

Due to this copyright dispute, Einthusan chose not to continue operating its website within China and removed it from all Chinese online marketplaces – including the Google Play Store.

How to Login to Einthusan?

You can stream movies without signing up on Einthusan, but there might be some undesired ads. If you want to stream movies without those ads, you will have to get a one-time payment.

Once the payment procedure is done, the Einthusan login procedure is quick as all you need to do is log in with your username and password. After completely logging in to the Apk, you can enjoy movies without any Buffering issues.

How to Download Movies on Einthusan?

  1. Begin with duplicating your demanded movie link from the Einthusan website.
  2. Then add your Video URL in the area shown on any online Einthusan downloader website.
  3. Then tap on Download video.
  4. Pick the form/quality, and your download begins.
  5. Now you can relish your favored film without the stress of your internet speed.

Here’s a video guide explaining 2 Ways to Download Movies from einthusan:

What are the famous Genres accessible on Einthusan Website?

Hollywood Dubbed

Users can opt to watch Hollywood movies in the Indian language of their choice. Many Indian-dubbed versions of Hollywood films are listed, ranging from Hindi and Tamil to Telugu and Bengali versions.

Some of the most famous movie genres for dubbed films include cinema, comedy, and romance.


Einthusan Tamil movies category is another popular genre on the site in the Tamil language. Almost all new and much-loved Tamil films are available under this category. People can watch their favorite films online every day through the Einthusan Tamil movies.


The Telugu film section is also available on Einthusan. They offer visitors the option to watch Telugu films and even download them in Hindi.

In addition, they can always enjoy high-quality entertainment on our platform. Moreover, they may also watch other films of all languages in high quality with effects, background music, subtitles, and any other effects that might add to the user’s pleasant viewing experience.


All of the videos in the Punjabi Cinema category are in the Punjabi language. Those who understand the words in this language can watch them and download them from here.


Malayalam movies are famous worldwide, and many people who enjoy South Indian films go directly to Einthusan for this genre. They can browse their selection of Malayalam dubbed movies or go directly to the movie page for those in their native language.

19 Best Einthusan Alternatives

Since Einthusan is not accessible in several counties for some reason. We have gathered our list of the best alternatives for Einthusan.

Some of the Einthusan Alternative links may not open/work because they require a VPN/VPS to work in your region.

Note From Admin

Let’s begin listing:

1. Voot

use Voot - If einthusan not working

Voot is like the little brother you never wanted. Their app, which you can download on mobile devices such as smartphones, makes watching movies and TV shows hassle-free and convenient. Voot provides entertainment of all kinds, similar to their big brothers Einthusan.

While they offer most videos for free on-demand, they still offer some paid services, an unlimited package deal, or a plus subscription that can Cost and offers better quality.

If you fail to complete your school assignments because of voot addiction, then their parental control feature will help you curb your video-watching habits. It temporarily blocks access to voot, allowing you to get work done.

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2. Zee5


Einthusan app has another alternate site like Zee5. It is a place for movie lovers or people who want to watch shows and news anytime. It’s somewhat similar to Einthusan in the sense that it offers comprehensive services that make it possible for users to enjoy their entertainment online.

Whether you are interested in watching movies, TV shows, or news reports, Zee5 has got you covered with its innovative product offering.

The best function of Zee5 is that when you open the website initially, you are quickly asked which type of movies you prefer, and it will offer multiple movie categories like Bhojpuri and Kannada. You will be asked to register for a free account and you are good to go!

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3. SonyLiv


SonyLiv is a Sony entertainment website that gives you access to long and short TV series on the web. You don’t even need cable!

Instead of worrying about the amount of money you will have to pay in order to watch movies or your favorite TV shows, Sonyliv makes it easier for you by giving a choice of free and paid shows to give you the best experience.

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4. YuppFlix


YuppFlix is another legal alternative to Einthusan. It hosts a comprehensive collection of Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil movies. Unlike Einthusan, with YuppFlix, you won’t be able to watch free movies for a lifetime.

It will allow you a 3-day trial. Then, it will ask for payment to access the collection of movies.

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5. OnlineMoviesGold


If you need to explore an Einthusan alternative to presenting Western films and look for a Video downloader to watch Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and other regional language movies online at online movies Gold.

It’s a website that provides users of the site with SmartTV-like functionality, which allows them to pay as they go rather than sign up for regular subscriptions and choose whether they want to watch films in H.265 or H.264 formats.

6. Hindilinks4u


In comparison to other Einthusan alternatives for streaming movies Online, Hindilinks4u is by far the best. It’s well-known for its diversity of new releases.

Each week, a new range of films is uploaded to the website. This platform comes with an extensive collection of Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies.

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7. Yesmovies


If you love watching Premium movies, the chances are that you prefer the cinema over staying in and watching streaming television.

Maybe you have an interest in some of the most famous filmmakers from India who not only influenced the film industry but lived quite interesting lives themselves. Yesmovies is an excellent platform to start.

By choosing this option, you can search for your favorite film online and even order it to be shipped to you via mail if you prefer. It’s an excellent website covering almost 13 different regional languages, which is great for those looking for an alternative!

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8. MX Player

MX Player

We all desire to get our screen time scheduled, so instead of streaming movies online, we’d rather spend hours binge-watching multiple TV show episodes.

When we talk about that, MX Player has got you covered. As a matter of fact, several internet streaming websites on this list offer various TV shows, but what sets MX player apart is its vast collection of original web series.

The genres of MX Player’s web shows include drama, thriller, reality, crime, and comedy. This website also permits users to stream live television and allows them to modify the content language to one of the most famous Indian languages.

We also like how MX Player promotes Indian stand-up comedians by showcasing their reveals on its website. MX Player has a lot to offer, making this one of the best Einthusan alternatives for streaming free movies.

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9. Tubi

tubi tv
tubi tv

Tubi is a great alternative to Einthusan if your company cares about people’s data and wants to keep personalization on all fronts! Tubi is one of the best apps for those who are searching for a viewing experience without any ads or pop-ups.

You can watch free episodes straight away, and there are several great features such as being able to play content in HD mode or even how you can download from YouTube or Instagram directly onto the app.

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10. TodayPK


Another website that offers more than just an enormous database of free-to-stream Einthusan Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies is TodayPK. This website has a well-organized categories tab on the upper left side of its homepage area, featuring Hindi and English movies.

A unique thing about TodayPk to stream free movies is that it has a ton of free-to-stream Tamil movies in both high and standard definitions. This website also has a lot of other content categories, including Telugu movies, Malayalam movies, Bollywood shows, and even international films.

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11. Look Movie

Look Movie
Look Movie

Look Movie is a free movie-watching platform with dozens of titles available. It has no subscription service or fee for its users. The website has an extensive collection of movies and tv series that have already been placed into categories to help customers easily find what they are looking for, including Action & Adventure, Documentary, Family Movies, Mystery & Suspense, and many more.

Let’s not forget their massive collection of Indian genre-related content; a person can even choose an Indian film or television show depending on the casting!

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12. Netflix


Netflix has recently become the world’s preeminent Internet entertainment services company, providing entertainment such as TV series, documentary films, and feature films in all genres and language groups to over 151 million paying users in over 190 countries.

Affiliates can stream anything they prefer on any Internet-connected screen, at any time, and from any location. Users can watch, pause, and resume without any advertising or promises.

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13. Box TV

Box TV is another well-known website that offers an extensive database of Bollywood and Hollywood films, TV shows, new shows, and other similar content. But, it also offers a premium video service, which implies you must pay to view its content. It could provide mobile applications for iOS and Android devices and the website.

On this website, you can also observe decent Indian movies. The site’s interface is appealing and straightforward. BoxTV is one of the most helpful Einthusan alternatives because you can enjoy a movie without being interrupted by disturbing ads or pop-ups.

14. Youtube


We are aware this would not fascinate you anymore because YouTube seems to have every piece of streaming ever created on its website, including your favorite Hindi and Indian regional films.

Youtube comes in our list of Einthusan alternatives for streaming free movies due to its large selection of ready-to-watch movies online. Various high-quality streaming host Indian movies on its website.

Bear in mind that the selection on YouTube will be less than on the other websites in this guide, but we believe you will get something you enjoy.

Having a YouTube account is free, you only have to type appropriate keywords to assist you in finding what you are looking for, such as Bengali movies, Tamil movies, and others. Also, it allows you to Free download movies and episodes.

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15. YuppTV


YuppTV is among the best Einthusan alternatives for watching movies for free. This amazing website, like Einthusan, has a massive collection of Hindi movies and offers multiple languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali, to name a few.

YuppTV lets users watch free movies online, showing popular TV shows from the highest local channels. On their platform, you can also stream live TV.

YuppTV’s website is simple to use, with genres and various kinds of media content now organized on the home page. You can also use the website’s search bar to enter the movie name you are looking for.

16. Eros Now

Eros Now
Eros Now

Eros Now is another excellent Einthusan alternative. It is the leading on-demand South Asian entertainment network, providing access to the largest World wide web screens, including mobile, web, and TV, anytime and from any location. Eros Now has created over 12,000 digital videos to provide endless entertainment for its 155 million get the and 18.8 million earning viewers globally.

Eros Now has the most comprehensive movie selection and an impressive number and quality of old TV shows, music videos, and audio songs. Eros Now entertainment products are distinguished by characteristics such as HD video, multi-language intertitles, movie downloads, and elevated initial episodes.

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17. Hungama


Hungama is among the most popular Indian websites for listening to music and watching videos online. It is also a popular spot to watch movies, television shows, children’s videos, and music videos. This website contains all of the popular Asian films in Indian languages.

Hungama provides video streaming in a variety of languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Rajasthani, and others.

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18. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is developed by Amazon, which again provides multiple choices among movies and TV shows, much like Einthusan. For Amazon Prime, you need to have an account on Amazon as well as a prime membership, which will give you shopping benefits (providing you with access to the latest Tamil and Telugu movies, videos, and TV series in great picture quality.)

For example, suppose you’re watching a Tamil movie on Amazon Prime or any video that falls under the “Tamil” category or any movie or show in this language category. In that case, rolling ads can pop up behind the video. You can click on these ads while in life, just like they were typical website pop-up advertisements. While there has been plenty of debate about whether these new types of advertisements -known as data overlay ads – are ethical or not, customers have taken to them quite well so far!

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19. Hotstar


Like Einthusan Tamil and Hindi movies collection, Hotstar is a strong service that competes with top-tier platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. A brilliant app accessible on Android and iOS devices, this service has revolutionized the way people view movies and TV shows through its free-of-charge as well as subscription-based services. With multiple language options for a 9 premium plan, users can watch everything from sports to TV shows to live videos.

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Is Einthusan TV legal?

It is illegal to download or watch movies on Einthusan.

What happened to the Einthusan website?

It has been banned in some countries due to illegal usage.

Can I cast from Einthusan?

No, you cannot cast from Einthusan.

How do I get rid of Einthusan ads?

It is not possible to reduce ads on the site. The plan is that you will take a small portion of the revenue made from advertisements so that we can reduce or altogether remove them in the future.

Is Einthusan pirated?

Piracy has been a widespread occurrence, and the site distributes pirated material, which is unlawful online.

How can I watch new Hindi movies online?

You can easily find new Hindi movies online by searching the movie on Einthusan.

What are the popular language movies available on Einthusan?

On Einthusan, one can find dubs of Indian language movies and non-Indian language movies. Viewers can also get dubbed movies from Tamil, Telugu, Kollywood, etc.

Is it safe to Access Einthusan?

No, it is not safe! First, it is illegal, and second, the ads can install software without your consent which can be harmful.

What are the video qualities available on Einthusan?

You can watch most videos, movies, and TV shows you want to watch online in different qualities such as DVDRip, DVDScr, Bluray, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

How to access the Einthusan Website for free?

Hundreds of websites offer Einthusan free streaming for free with low quality, but there are some issues with them. They are banned or have been blocked in many countries. Einthusan illegal streaming website is not suitable for your health because watching Einthsuan movies or tv shows online too much long-term can give you more risks like eye-sight problems.


Einthusan is one of the best South Asian streaming providers. With a clean interface and an extensive selection of feature films, Einthusan gives content lovers something to cheer about.

We are aware that Einthusan may be blocked in some regions because of legalities, but there are ways around this without having to use illegal means. We have tried to enlist the best alternatives for Einthusan in this ultimate guide.