SSM Smart Square – Account Login Access – SSM Health Employee Portal 2024

The SSM Smart Square login portal is the website for employees of health-related businesses, login to access white-labeled scheduling tools provided by Avanta. The smart square SSM allows doctors and nurses to schedule their time in a manner that suits them best for efficiency, especially as it relates to employee attendance management.

With over 50 companies across the U.S. and abroad using SSM Smart Square, this healthcare software is designed specifically for extensive medical facilities in the private sector (typically with 5000+ employees).

Over 60% of its services are used in hospitals within the United States, while other use cases include surgery centers, cardiology clinics, animal hospitals, and even family health clinics.

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What is the process of logging in to the SSM Smart Square?

To log in to the SSM login tool, have a look at these simple steps: 

SSM health website
SSM Health website
  • Head to the top right-hand section and tap on “MyChart.”
Home Page of SSM Smart Square with My Chart Indication | SSM Health
  • You will be asked to log in, type a password, and touch the option ‘Sign in’. You can also follow the easy instructions on the page if you want to ‘Sign up.’
Sign in & Sign up Page – SSM Health

In the event you have forgotten your password, follow the given steps below:

  • Start by entering your login ID in the box provided.
  • Tap on the ‘Send’ button. 
  • Your password will get emailed to your supplied email address.
Forget password page
  • You can head back to the login page and re-login.
Login Page
  • Contact a Smart Square agent if you haven’t saved your email within SSM Smart Square.

What is the process to access SSM Smart Square on Cell Phones?

You can access SSM smart Square by clicking on the three-dotted options at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen.

Head to the ‘Menu
Choose “Share
Select “Add to Home Screen
Now you can access your Smart Square app much quicker!

You can access Ssm Smart Square by following these steps on your Android device:

Insert Smart Square into your device’s browser.
Click on the ‘Create bookmark’ option or the star mark to the right of the URL or the three lines that emerge if you are a Chrome user.
Tap on the ‘drop-down menu on the ‘Add to’ option.
Click ‘Home screen,’ and you are ready! You can now add it to your home screen.

Let’s have a look at Avanta and Smart Square

SSM Smart Square

Avanta is a company that creates software solutions to help people organize their businesses. For example, they create “Smart Square” software which allows businesses to become more productive by increasing the amount of work done during business hours through labor management systems.

The system also displays staffing and scheduling data in real time while providing tools that can help improve employee engagement using motivational relief and project management techniques. 

We’ve discussed SSM smart square at length above, so let’s move on to their newest creation which uses similar methods to make work smarter but for the hospitality industry (closely related to healthcare). 

Smart Square has made it easy for organizations to schedule their employees more frequently, especially in the healthcare or hospital industry.

Shift scheduling is not an impossible task. Instead, a straightforward plan of action attracts employees looking to take leave and grants organizations permission to cover those who wish to inspect.

With Smart Square’s Shift Scheduling tool, employees can generate a shift request 120 days prior to the actual date they wish they work, saving you and them time during shift inspection and cutting out late-night shift changing errors so that there is consistency throughout the day.

An employee can only choose one day off per week, which leads to fewer day-changing mishaps. Having all these minor fixes makes an enormous difference when it comes down to offering top-quality service. Just check out DNA HRBlock as an example.

Some Features of SSM Smart Square to Peak At

Staff Scheduling Made Easy

Smart Square gives you the flexibility and functionality to ensure that your business works. Whether you currently manage shifts manually or rely on an off-the-shelf scheduler that does not meet your needs, they have a solution.

Their Staff Scheduling software gives you the power to request shift changes, approve leave requests, and obtain instant shift availability across multiple time zones in seconds. So you can deliver better care to patients.

Time Management

Smart Square’s Time Tracking Software helps streamline shift scheduling and decrease chaos while saving time.

They help manage your healthcare workforce by keeping you updated with accurate and up-to-the-minute timesheets.

Save On Payroll Costs

Their system enables you to save on payroll costs by eliminating the hours that are not being worked and helping you sort shift schedules into a more predictable model, all while reducing last-minute staffing hunting time and employee inefficiency!

Well Informed

Smart Square provides the capability to keep an entire department well-informed at all times. One can stay up to date on any changes or reschedules of staff members right on their phone.


There has been a massive shift in the approach taken by each hospital that utilizes this fantastic software. It allows for some much-needed transparency across all levels of every field, ultimately helping to prevent any potential issues that might have otherwise gone unnoticed without its presence.

Some Additional Features:

Dashboards: Provides different kinds of dashboards to monitor and evaluate the performance of employees by monitoring specific business processes. Using these dashboards, managers can evaluate how well an employee has been performing in order to spot where they may be falling short or areas where they are exceeding expectations. For example, if an employee at ssm smart square exceeds their key performance indicators (KPIs), it may be worth considering giving them a bonus.
These include viewing critical metrics related to overtime and hours worked as well as monthly cost reports. Managers can evaluate the employees’ performances and outcomes based on that and make adjustments accordingly.
SSM Smart Square allows the usage of various graphs, such as pie charts, tables, and 2-D and 3-D graphs, for a better understanding of all analytics.
Dashboards: Provides different kinds of dashboards to monitor and evaluate the performance of employees by monitoring specific business processes. Using these dashboards, managers can evaluate how well an employee has been performing in order to spot where they may be falling short or areas where they are exceeding expectations. For example, if an employee at SSM smart square exceeds their key performance indicators (KPIs), it may be worth considering giving them a bonus.
An indispensable tool for field workers that they can access from anywhere. The health workers don’t even need to be present to access this tool at the facility.
It allows them to work on vacation and shift scheduling well in advance to maintain contingent staffing.


The SSM smart square is a great scheduling tool that should help make your life easier when organizing your workers and getting more done in less time. Logging in/signing up properly takes first place among all other simple tasks, so make sure to learn how it works via the processing of the SSM smart square login page!

We hope that you will have a great experience using this service tomorrow and in the near future if you like what they can offer and are willing to give it a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart square?

Smart Square SSM is an easy-to-use, web-based staffing and scheduling tool healthcare professionals use to fill positions and track employee schedules quickly.

Why SSM smart square?

At ssm smart square, labor management is key to increasing speed and maintaining operations. With close to 40,000 employees and 11,000 providers, they can utilize the ability to scan in items and send them automatically to their Batchlab system, where they are tracked during processing. It decreases handling time and timesheets, which enhances the overall productivity of the hospital staff.

Can we use SSM smart square on both iPhone and Android?

Yes, you can use this app on both Android and iPhone devices. Please refer to the “What is the process of logging into SSM Smart Square?” section in this article.

Who can access Smart Square?

All employees of SSM Smart Square can use this tool at all levels. Its primary function is to save time and money through scheduling shifts, automating the process to manage employee quality of work, reducing time spent managing schedules manually, and cutting out costs for positions that are currently unfilled by helping managers fill them much more quickly.

Who are super users?

The super users are the ones who take care of things in your office. You could say they’re like your company’s nurses and managers who regularly check to see if everyone’s doing fine and keeping up with their work because they face contact with them much more than you would. They are trained to help with day-to-day practices inside the facility and are valued for their expertise in different departments.

How to reach Smart Square customer service?

If you have any trouble using your Smart Square, you should reach out to their customer service number. It’s 1-855-700-6000. If you are having trouble using the software or have questions related to it, feel free to call the number above and ask the customer service representatives who will be on hand to answer questions about your purchase at any given point in time.
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